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Mini Sottocenere al Tartufo

We love our Sottocenere al Tartufo. Sergio Moro, the Veneto cheesemaker, has made the mini wheel which Is overloaded with cuteness! It’s a very mild blend of morning & evening raw cow’s milk with a light earthy finish, all dominated by the taste of truffles. Sergio adds spices to the ash (rind which is a traditional method of aging cheese with ash) and finishes with rubbing on truffle oil. The cheese is smoked and aged for 4-6 mo and is perhaps up there with our most favorite cheeses!

Marcona Almonds

Just when you thought Marcona Almonds couldn't get any better...they've gone and fried them, skin-on, in extra virgin olive oil. These suckers are dangerous. Same price as the others, but with a slightly larger case pack 2/6.6#

For cheese this week, we wanted to tell you about Nevat, a soft-ripened cheese from Catalunya that is made in sheep and goat versions. Pure white and shaped sort of like a giant melting snowball, Nevat is Catalan for "just snowed." It ripens from the outside in leaving you with two textures: oozy and unctuous near the rind and firmer and chalky at center. A clean-flavored, elegant cheese, it is the creation of a single cheesemaker, Joseph, who uses milk from his own herd and that of his neighbors.