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TYPE CHEESE:   Semi-soft blue goat’s milk cheese 

ORIGIN:  Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain

AGING:  Minimum 3 months SHELF LIFE:  Minimum 60 days    INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized Payoya goat's milk, calcium chloride, rennet, cheese cultures, Penicillium Roqueforti, salt

PACK SIZE:  2/5 lb. wheels

APPEARANCE: Semi-soft bone white paste with blue veining throughout. Paste will be slightly darker close to the rind.  

 FLAVOR:  A little bit piquant with a hint of a mineral tang, and a bacon-y sweet smokiness at the finish. 

 KEY POINTS: Made with milk from the Payoya breed, this is the first goat’s milk blue to hail from Andalucia. Winner of Gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2016.  

 HANDLING:  Keep wrapped in foil when possible to prevent cheese from drying out. Let cut pieces reach room temperature before serving.   

SERVING RECS: Pair with Pajarero Figs, or melt atop roasted potatoes. Serve with an Amontillado sherry or a fruity Stout.