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7 OZ / pack of 10

Raw Spanish lavender honey. Light, flowery taste. Matches well with an array of cheeses.

ORIGIN: Valencia, Spain

INGREDIENTS: Raw wild lavender honey

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 10 months

PACK SIZE: 10/7 oz. jars

FLAVOR: This raw wild lavender honey from Spain is light and floral and pairs excellently with a variety of cheeses. The lavender pollen collected by the bees contributes a delicate clean aroma with a faint spiciness.

DESCRIPTION: A raw Spanish honey cultivated from wild lavender. Our producers’ coop members mind the beehives and collect the honey, which is light, floral, perfect with cheese. It comes packed in an elegant glass apothecary, excellent for gift giving. 

HANDLING: Since this is a natural, raw honey, it will crystallize over time or at cooler temperatures. To return these honey to a liquid state, simply heat the jars in warm water, stirring to smooth the texture.

SERVING RECS: Lavender Honey goes well with aged goat's milk cheeses, like Garrotxa. It's also perfect for taking the edge off blue cheeses like Valdeon or Cabrales.