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12/ 12 OZ

DOP semi soft soaked in red wine. Mild and smooth with a touch of fruitiness in the finish.

CHEESE TYPE:  Semi-soft goat cheese

BREED: Murciana

ORIGIN: Jumilla, Murcia, Spain

AGING: 60 days/30 days

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk, rennet, salt, cheese cultures. 

Rind soaked in Monastrell red wine/Mourvedre wine

PACK SIZE: Drunken Goat Mini’ 12/ 12 oz. Wheels

APPEARANCE: The paste is milky white, with a smooth violet rind.

HISTORY: Murciana cheesemakers invented this cheese in 1986 in an attempt to create a distinct regional cheese with big commercial potential.  They took a traditional local goat cheese and bathed it in the local red wine for 3 days. The result has been a major success and has brought attention and capital to the region. This is a good introductory goat cheese as it is mild and not gamey. The cheese is bathed in local Monastrell wine to obtain its delicately sweet finish and lovely color.  

SERVING RECS: Great for entertaining, Drunken Goat® is truly a standalone cheese. Simply cut into slices and snack.  Pair with a Monastrell wine from Jumilla.