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12/3.53oz minitubs

Ultimate bar or party mix. Composed of larqueta almonds, fava beans, chick peas & giant corn kernels.

ORIGIN: Valencia, Spain

INGREDIENTS: Corn kernels, fava beans, chickpeas, Valencia almonds, sunflower oil, rice flour, sea salt. 

ALLERGEN INFO:  Contains nuts. Produced in a facility  that   processes peanuts and other nuts.

SHELF LIFE: 3 months @ 50-65°F; 45 days @ 66-74°F

PACK SIZE: 12/3.53oz minitubs

DESCRIPTION: This unexpected mix of nuts, beans, and corn is supremely crunchy and satisfying. It is popular throughout Spain, where big bags of it are sold at outdoor kiosks and bars serve it alongside cold beer. No wonder it’s the ultimate party mix! 

SERVING RECS: Serve in big bowls for a crowd or scatter on a cheese plate for smaller gatherings. When creating a cheese plate, recommended pairings are Campo de Montalban®, all natural Spanish style chorizo, and Membrillo. Best enjoyed with a cold lager.