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8.38 LB TUB

Candied and crunchy with dark caramel flavor. Great as a snack, on salads, or a cheese accompaniment.

ORIGIN: Valencia, Spain

INGREDIENTS: Walnuts, cane sugar, sunflower oil

ALLERGEN INFO: Contains nuts

SHELF LIFE: 10 months. Once opened: 3 months @ 50-65° F, 45 days @ 66-74° F

PACK SIZE: 1/ 3.8 kg bulk (pictured);

DESCRIPTION: Freshly harvested walnuts are carefully candied to create a satisfying crunch and dark caramel flavor. Though perfect for snacking, they pair beautifully with cheese.

HANDLING: Keep in a cool, dry place.

SERVING RECS: These candied nuts are so versatile – eat alone as a snack, alongside of a cheese plate, in salads, or crush them to add as a topping on desserts.